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Description: Description: GMTK Multi-Process Machining S.A
GMTK Multi-Process Machining S.A,

  • Horizontal Turning Lathe
  • Vertical Turning Lathe

Description: Description: AGATHON
Solothurn, Switzerland

  • Carbide Insert and Periphery Grinding Machines for Cutting Tool Industry

Baltec Maschinenbau AG,
Pfaeffikon, Switzerland
  • Riveting process control system & software
  • Customized riveting solutions
  • Riveting tools

Galdabini Cesare (S.P.A.)
Cardano al Campo (VA)

  • Universal Testing Machines
  • Impact Testing Machines

Hegenscheidt MFD
Erkelenz, Germany
  • Re-railing equipment
  • Crankshaft Rolling Machine

Hembrug Machine Tools,

The Netherlands

  • Ultra Precision Hard Turning Lathes
  • Ultra Precision Hard Vertical Turning Lathes

KERN Microtechnik GmbH
Eschenlohe, Germany

  • Nano / Ultra High Precision CNC Vertical Machining Center  Center Micro Milling and Drilling applications

  • Flat, Surface & Profile Grinding Machines
  • Surface and Profile Grinding Machines - vertical & rotary table type for Aircraft and Power Generation Equipment
  • High Precision CNC Internal & External Grinding Machines
  • CNC Grinding Machines for Camshafts
    Universal and production cylindrical grinding machines – Angular Wheel Head for large work pieces
  • CNC Centerless Grinding Machines for high precision and high production parts.
  • Multi Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders
    CNC Measuring machines
  • CNC Insert Grinding Machines – PCD/CBN Tools
    Manual high Precision Grinding machines – PCD/CBN Tools
  • Universal Tool Grinding Machines for small tools

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH
Kempten, Germany

  • CNC Gear Grinding,
  • CNC Gear Hobbing Machines
  • CNC Gear Shaping Machines

Nagel Machinen-und Werkzeugfabrik
GmbH Nürtingen, Germany

  • CNC Precision Honing Machines;
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Transfer Line, Tube honing
  • Stone Super Finishing Machines & Attachments,
  • Tape Finishing Machines for crank  & cam shaft
  • Honing Tools 
  • Abrasives & Diamond Sticks

TBT Tiefbohrtechnik Gmbh & Co.
Dettingen /Erms, Germany

  • Precision Deep Hole Drilling Machines,
  • Deep Hole Boring & BTA Drilling Machines

Kadia Produktion GmbH + Co.
Nürtingen, Germany

  • High Precision CNC Honing Machines – small diameters  for Fuel Injection & Hydraulic Industry
  • Honing Tools & Abrasives
  • Auto Deburring Machines
  • Deburring Tools

Ona Electro Erosion
Bizkaia, Spain

  • CNC High Speed Sinker EDM – fixed / drop tank
  • CNC Modular Sinker EDM
  • CNC Multi-Axis Wire EDM
  • CNC Modular Wire EDM
  • EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Profiroll Technologies
  • CNC Cold Rolling MachinesFor Thread, Splines, Gears.

Wolpert Wilson® Instruments,
Esslingen & Shanghai, Germany

    Material Hardness Testers for Labs & Production lines like;

    • Universal
    • Rockwell
    • Vickers
    • Micro Vickers
    • Brinell
    • Portable

  • Pneumatic Clutch / Brake
  • Hydraulic Clutch / Brake
  • Electromagnetic Clutch / Brake
  • Spring Clutch
  • Tension Control System
  • Torque Limiter
  • Linear Actuator
  • Linear Unit
  • Lifting Unit
  • Ball Screw and nut
  • Linear Bearings